General question

What are mockups?
Mockups are a great showcase for any type of brand or design. They are pre-made image templates that make it easy to insert your own content. Add your logo to letterhead, app design to display, message to sign or outside bus advertisement. Free Mockup has a large number of clear mockups as well as actual photos. Make sure all the mockups you’re looking for are here to suit your needs!
How does Free Mockup work?
We curated the best free mockups that designers and agencies have put online – it works like an affiliate directory! The site does not host any resources but acts as a curated directory that always links back to the original to give creators full use. That’s why hitting the “download” button at Free Mockup will always redirect you to the original source.
Why do people offer free mockups?
Most freelance and website designers offer free mockups to increase their visibility online. These types of extensions allow advertising to be awesome! Exciting?
Why don't you highlight 2D models or use vectors?
We specialize in realistic photo mockups, so mostly mockups based on real photos. They are based on a natural image and put your content in the right context.
Do you offer custom mockups?
As of now: NO. But there are plenty of freelance designers out there willing to help.
How to stay in touch with Free Mockup?
Please click on the contact section to write a letter. Plus: Sign up for our newsletter, which won’t let you down as it delivers a bunch of other great design resources straight to your inbox. You’ll find a subscription box at the bottom of each page. You can also follow MockupKool on Facebook.

How to use Mockups?

What software to work with PSD mockups?
Adobe Photoshop would be ideal, but there are other options: Graphic design software like Photopea is free and works right in your browser.
I don't have Photoshop. What I have to do?
Read the answer above! But the best part is that you should install Photoshop to use these amazing mockups!
Which version of Adobe Photoshop do I need to use mockups?
You will have to use Adobe Photoshop CS or later.
How to use mockups? How do I add my own content?
You can add your own content in a few simple steps:
1. Open the PSD file with Adobe Photoshop (or another capable design software).
2. Find the layer/object labeled “Replace me” or “Add content here” and double-click it.
3. A second image (PSB) will appear that you want to drag and drop your content into.
4. Save and close the PSB file.


Can I use the free model for personal and commercial projects?
We ensure that each item added to the collection is clearly described by its author as free for personal and commercial use. However, sometimes the creator can change the license without notifying FreeMockup – so double check the license on the final download page before using that mockup in your projects. Please respect the wishes of the creator!
Do I have to pay to use mockups?
It depends on the creator’s decision. Most of them don’t insist on paying usage fees, some require attribution or a link back to the original source. Please check the last site where you downloaded the item for any info on that.